2021 is the 25th Anniversary of Synthfool, so I’m delving into the server a bit more. I want to start indexing things, so you’ll see more of that here. I’m going to start focusing the synth-related stuff that is new to Synthfool as part of the regular site, and the personal stuff here.

Yes’s “Siberian Khatru” is playing as I write this, which is fitting, as I definitely listened to this song as I worked on coding Synthfool. (I, for example did all the docs pages to make them HTML pages instead of “raw” directories.)

My 18 years with Kevin are now an experience I’m still fully coming to terms with while I also mourn him over 6 years later. Now is the time for me to dive back into the servers and hard drives and document as much of it as possible. Watch this space.