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Squidlo Squirtball showed up in Kevin’s life almost 3 years after Damien left it. He was in a box of kittens that were rescued after their mother abandoned them. Kevin was looking at the cats to see which one he wanted, and Squidlo kept stepping over his siblings to stay in Kevin’s view. Kevin took him home, and the two of them were together from that day on. This picture was taken nearly 16 years later, a few weeks before Squidlo died.

mi esposo y mijo

Kevin and Squidlo, February 2012

It’s been six months since Kevin died. I still miss him so much it hurts to think about it.

Damien, Kevin's beloved cat.

Damien, Kevin’s beloved cat.

At 2:00am, Saturday, July 17th, 1993 my siamese cat, Damien, died.

Damien meant more to me than almost anything or anyone.
He had been my best friend since about 1981.
I went through a lot of life with my little boy, and I will miss him dearly. Although he was a cat and not a human, he affected my life in a more positive way than most human beings ever did or could, and filled a greater purpose in life as a cat, than many humans do as people.

His expressions were a beautiful confirmation that animals do indeed have a soul, and one as deep and meaningful as any human.
Damien liked everyone equally. He never hurt anybody on purpose and was at harmony with humans, cats, dogs and even birds.
He was a beautiful soul, in a beautiful body and he will be sorely missed.

–Kevin Lightner, 7/19/1993

When reading this, I realized that Kevin died 3 days shy of the 21st anniversary of Damien’s death.
I now wonder if he remembered that, or it’s just bizarre irony.