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…and it’s verified as being worked on by Kevin due to his feet being in the picture. 😉

All the black resistors on the VCO board are either 1% or .1% tolerance. FYI, there are 6 sets of 3 matched resistors that are vital to the synth staying in tune and tracking well. Kevin started replacing these during the last few years he was working on Minis.

Mini with feet

A picture of a Minimoog Kevin took in 2006

Something Kevin wrote in 2004 for prospective clients.
I think we might have used this, but I don’t remember for sure.

Service Questionnaire

Today’s Date:

Address (make a box for them to enter it instead of the usual fields.)
Shipping address (if different from above)

Phone number

Unit: Make/Model
Serial Number
How long have you owned this unit?

Intended usage of instrument (choose from the following):
Professional Recording
Professional Touring
Home use
Consignment (click here for more details)

I intend to use this instrument
Every Day
I don’t intend to play this instrument for a long period of time.

Can you rate these on order of importance to you? (1 least – 10 most)
A. Cosmetics
B. Tuning accuracy
C. Reliability
D. Hi fidelity/ low CV offsets (opamp and other improvements)
E. Cost of services
F. Turnaround time
G. Originality (meaning “without modification”)

What environment is this synth likely to see (check all that apply)?

High temperatures
Dry air
Ocean air
High altitude

Keyboard functionality and feel are:
Supremely important
Moderately important
Not a major concern
I do not intend on playing the keyboard

Performance controls (benders, wheels, levers, etc) functionality and feel are:
Supremely important
Moderately important
Not a major concern
I do not intend on using the performance controls

Interface jacks functionality and feel are:
Supremely important
Moderately important
Not a major concern
I do not intend on interfacing this unit.

I would like this unit to be:
Restored to the highest detail
Restored to a reasonable degree
Kept as stock as possible
Repaired per our discretion
Serviced as minimally as possible

I want to be informed:
Of any possible questions and concerns
If the unit exceeds $___ (add field to enter amount)
Only when the unit is completed
Of expected delays

I can provide a deposit with the unit (Yes/No)

I have read your FAQ and shipping guidelines page (Yes/No)

Will you need shipping materials sent to you?

Please list the type of music you will be using this unit for:
Group Performance

What type of amplification system do you intend to use? (text field)

Would you like a private directory on to see pictures of your synth in progress?

Would you prefer an update on a regular basis

This information will accompany your synth while it is being serviced. If you have any additional comments, instructions, or concerns, please list them below:

Damien, Kevin's beloved cat.

Damien, Kevin’s beloved cat.

At 2:00am, Saturday, July 17th, 1993 my siamese cat, Damien, died.

Damien meant more to me than almost anything or anyone.
He had been my best friend since about 1981.
I went through a lot of life with my little boy, and I will miss him dearly. Although he was a cat and not a human, he affected my life in a more positive way than most human beings ever did or could, and filled a greater purpose in life as a cat, than many humans do as people.

His expressions were a beautiful confirmation that animals do indeed have a soul, and one as deep and meaningful as any human.
Damien liked everyone equally. He never hurt anybody on purpose and was at harmony with humans, cats, dogs and even birds.
He was a beautiful soul, in a beautiful body and he will be sorely missed.

–Kevin Lightner, 7/19/1993

When reading this, I realized that Kevin died 3 days shy of the 21st anniversary of Damien’s death.
I now wonder if he remembered that, or it’s just bizarre irony.