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File date: July 16, 2011

Stop and think about this:

Can you believe you’re alive?
I mean, isn’t this fantastic!?

Think of the universe and how big it is. Empty space filled with rocks.
We’re here on one of those rocks.
But that rock is billions of years old.
For a virtually eternity, we never existed before.
We have no memories of time before us.
And when we die, we cease once more to exist.

The future WILL come, so think that in 100 years, no one may remember you at all.
Just the same way you don’t remember anyone 100 years ago.

But right now… you’re here!
Isn’t that amazing to think about??
You won’t be here later.
Later will be just like this is now to everyone that lives then- normal lives, jobs, crime, leaders, wars and pain.

We exist because we are a positive charge.
The Earth and ourselves have a little more positive charge than negative.
That keeps us going.
But the planet itself is just a spark in time.
Positive charges are easily dissipated.
In the future we will have been a lost civilization.
Unknown to ourselves or anyone else most likely.

So enjoy it while you can, because none of us will look back on any of this.
We’ll have existed, but will be reduced to base elements in the future.
We’ll be nothing.
As we were before and for evermore.

But right now… we are.

Isn’t that amazing???


File dated Feb. 28, 2007

IF… your fvs or eight voice wants to skip a voice, especially voice 1, here’s a possible reason.

In the schematics, pin 8 of flip flops (4013’s) U1-U6 are all grounded.
On the keyboard assigner boards, they’re not.
By grounding pin 8 (short to pin 7), it should work correctly.

IC U1 was the one I grounded. Haven’t tried others.

…and it’s verified as being worked on by Kevin due to his feet being in the picture. 😉

All the black resistors on the VCO board are either 1% or .1% tolerance. FYI, there are 6 sets of 3 matched resistors that are vital to the synth staying in tune and tracking well. Kevin started replacing these during the last few years he was working on Minis.

Mini with feet

A picture of a Minimoog Kevin took in 2006