Many, many thanks to:

All of the great and generous folks at the Synth DIY and AHOT lists
Allan B. Gelbard, Esq. (USA)
Amy Knoles (USA)
Audrey Wiechman (USA)
Benoit Widemann (France)
Bill Sequeira (USA/Canada)
Billy Corgan (USA)
Bob Hanna (USA)
Bob Moog (USA)
Brigitte Rozario (Malaysia)
Chris Cain (Fiji)
Chris Snyder (USA)
Christopher Dobrian (USA)
Christopher Franke (USA)
Colin Vincent (UK)
Crystal Patterson (USA)
Daniel Mitchener (UK)
David Daydodge (USA)
David Fraser (USA)
David Lightner (USA)
David Rogoff (USA)
David Smart (USA)
Fernando Zarone (Italy)
Gio Taylor (USA)
Hans Zimmer (USA)
Hern…n Baldi (Argentina)
Howard Davis (Canada)
Jack Valentijn (Holland)
Jeff Rona (USA)
Jerry Casale (USA)
John Frusciante (USA)
John Leimseider (Canada)
John Bezjian (USA)
John Volanski (USA)
Julian Lennon (UK/USA)
Keith Winstanley (UK)
Ko Okatake (Japan)
Lorne Hammond (Canada)
Maciej Polak (Poland)
Mark Mothersbaugh (USA)
Mark Pulver (USA)
Mark T. Williams (USA)
Monica Lightner (USA)
Nick Montoya (USA)
Michael Long (USA)
Rudi Linhard (Germany)
Scott Metzger (USA)
Scott Simpson (USA)
Tim Parkhurst (USA)
Tommy Lee (USA)
Warren Whaley (USA)
Werner Schńnenberger (Switzerland)

No thanks to Scott William Lightner, my own brother.
A parasite, coward, sociopath, ex-drug dealer, ex-paparazzi and currently thief of my own tools.
He's the worst person I've ever known in my life, bar none.

Feel free to sue me, Scott, but just remember what you said
"if you're angry, it's your decision. No one else can make you angry."