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File NameSizeType
Echoplex addendum3.0MZIP
Memorymoog Directory
Minimoog Directory
Moog Accessories owners manual 3.5M PDF
Moog Accessories service manual 28M PDF
Moog Modular Directory
Moog Percussion Controller Directory
Sonic 6 Operation Manual Directory
Sonic 6 Service Manual Directory
Taurus 1 Directory
Bob Moog article on Theremins circa 1954 14.0M PDF
Moog Sonic Six Service Manual 7.9M PDF
Moog Liberation Service Manual 17M PDF
Moog 12 Stage 4.0M JPG
Moog Trigger Notes 53K PDF
Polymoog Owners Manual 19M PDF
Micromoog Owners Manual 13M PDF
Multimoog Trim legend 80K JPG
Micromoog/Multimoog Service Manual31.5MPDF
Moog parametric EQ346K JPG
Moog factory service bulletin for Minimoog wheel spring208K JPG
Moog Noise171K JPG
Moog Song Producer908K JPG
Polymoog Resonator380K JPG
Moog Opus 3 Owners Manual 2.1MPDF
Moog Opus 3 Service Manual 5.3MPDF
Prodigy Service Info 2.8MPDF
Older Prodigy Schematic (high res) 3.1MJPG
Prodigy Mods13.2MPDF
Source Schematics 2.7MPDF
Source Mod 218KJPG
Scans of Moog factory docs. Rare lists and info.16.5MZIP
Vintage Moog Part Prefix codes228KJPG
Big Briar Docs and Synton Prices 198317MPDF
Scans of rare Polymoog factory audio test procedure8.2MZIP